The 5 Best Keychain Knives of 2022

best keychain knifeWhat is the best keychain knife available in 2022?

With so many pocket knife brands available there’s a lot to choose from. Our list below can help you choose one that punches above its weight while offering you a real bargain.

We looked at more tactical knives, so we didn’t include keychain tools such as the excellent Swiss Army Knife or the equally popular Leatherman.

The Editor’s Best Keychain Knife Picks

After extensive review, here are our top 5 keychain knives. It’s hard to keep everybody happy (as the saying goes) but we deliberately selected keychain knives from the best manufacturers at different price points.

If we’ve missed out your favorite just let us know in the comments section below!

Best Keychain Knives of 2019

ModelImageBlade LengthReviews
Spyderco Cricket1.75"Read Our Review!
Spyderco Manbug 1.91 InchesRead Our Review!
Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 2 InchesRead Our Review!
Buck 283 Nano Bantam 1 7/8 inchRead Our Review!
Gerber LST 1.75"Read Our Review!

Spyderco Cricket

Spyderco has a great selection of pocket knives, and it feels right to start our reviews with one of them – the Spyderco Cricket.

Made from premium VG-10 Stainless Steel, the Cricket is a perfect match for somebody who is looking for a small, unobtrusive knife to go with professional / business attire or even shorts in summer.

Designed by revered knifemaker Chris Reeve, the knife features a liner lock type design with fewer moving parts. This helps the knife become sleeker and more reliable.

The “S” design allows for more precision when cutting and increases the surface area. This helps the blade feels bigger than it’s actual 1.75”

The Cricket comes in both regular and serrated edges. We have chosen to list the serrated edge as it gives the knife increased cutting power. People are buying them as a tactical/ self defense knife, and the premium steel and design could perform this function – as long as you know what you are doing!

We also went with the serrated edge as it currently offers the best value for money. Click here to find the latest price.

Spyderco Manbug

The most popular keychain pocket knife of all-time is probably the Spyderco Ladybug.

No less than the Spyderco founder, Sal Gleser, said he carried the knife everywhere. However, he wanted to improve the design to better fit larger hands. The result is the Spyderco Manbug.

With a wider blade and handle than the Ladybug, the Manbug is a robust little fella. The handle can be gripped with 3 fingers and the 1.91” blade can easily be deployed 1 handed.

The full flat grind gives the blade an extra slicing power that belies its size. With a total closed length of just 2.51” and weighing just 19 grams, it won’t compete with your keys for pocket-space.

The major drawback to this knife is the price. It’s listed on the Spyderco website for $74.95. However, it’s always worth comparing the current price on Amazon.

Cold Steel Micro Recon 1

Cold Steel produces some weird and wonderful stuff (throwing stars anybody?!), but their Micro Recon 1 Keychain knife gives Spyderco some tough competition.

Small and inconspicuous, at just 1 oz, it’s the perfect knife to go with dress slacks. The 2” blade made from respectable AUS-8 stainless steel also ensures it’s legal for most work environments. The knife grips are faux G-10 scales, but they seem to have gone down well with users.

One of the best features of the knife is the Tri-Ad lock mechanism. Quite a few people vote the tri-clock mechanism as the best lock on the market today. The lock is incredibly durable and helps prevent side to side blade play. Once the blade is out, it won’t close unless you want it too.

Another good thing about this knife is that in comes in a variety of colors – including pink! So it’s a great gift for the girls. too. Amazon usually has this knife available at a great price.

Buck 283 Nano Bantom Knife

Buck knives are a veritable American Institution. They have been around since 1902 and some people won’t buy anything else.

The Nano Bantam Knife is perfect if you want something in between a pen-knife and a regular pocket knife. And it’s also made in the U.S.A., a rare thing these days!

As you can see, the Nano Bantam is beautifully designed with a contoured handle. At 3” (closed) it’s about the size of a man’s index finger.

The drop-point 420HC Steel blade is just under 2”. Buck heat treat the blade to a Rockwell Hardness of Rc 58. This helps make it easy to sharpen and hold an edge.

The knife has a great lockback mechanism and it’s simple, safe and easy to both open and close one-handed.

With this in mind, and its low price makes the Buck Nano a really great first knife.

Gerber 46050 Ultralight L.S.T. Fine Edge Knife

The Gerber Ultralight knife has been around since the early 1980s – and it remains the best keychain knife for many since then.

With clean lines and an utilitarian design; it favors function over style and at just 1.4 oz it’s incredibly comfortable to carry.

With a 1.75” Stainless Steel blade it is 4.75 long (opened) and 2.75” (closed). The handle just big enough to be able to grip with 3 fingers with the pinkie hanging off.

The knife is quite easy to open one-handed with a little bit of practice. It features a safety notch mid-point to closing to protect your fingers when closing the knife.

This is another knife that is still being proudly made in the U.S.A. You can get it from the Gerber website for $19, or check Amazon for their latest price.

Have we missed out you favorite Keychain knife? Hit the comments section to let us know!

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